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Ramco S.A.

Import-Export - Supermarkets - Duty-Free Shops



Ramco S.A. has been enjoying great success as well as growth in the Togolese market for years.
The company started in the 70's as small as a little grocery shop in a quarter of Lomé, capital of Togo, and then, grew steadily, now becoming a major player in the economics of the country.

 Ramco S.A. deals in various business fields. First, its chain of supermarkets ( 4 top-class supermarkets well positionned within the city) has a large scale of products, then, two duty-free shops at the Lomé International airport add value to our goodwill, finaly our import-export activities makes us the partner of choice to make business with the Togolese market.

Many world-famous brands have joined us, such as DIAGEO, LG, PHILIP MORRIS, REDBULL, HEINEKEN, major luxury products company such as CHRISTIAN DIOR as well as others, for more, you can have a brief look when you click on "Partnaires" button.

For any kind of information feel free to contact us at ramco@cafe.tg or complete the form on the "Contact" button.

*   Please visit our photo gallery.

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